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July 18, 2011


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  • Mood: Pissed Off
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The biggest issue bothering me right now is this stupid fight I got into with my friend. First let me tell you about another ex friend. From elementary school I was friends with this girl, I call her Demon Spawn now, but we'll just refer to her as "C". We were friends all through high school (though we did have our issues with fights but always made up). Then we graduate college and like 3 or 4 months after (I stay local to go to college, she went abroad) we get into this fight. It started with something stupid, and you know as fights go on the other person starts brings up all the other incidences they never said anything about earlier. So C starts saying that I wasn't there for her when she broke up with her boyfriend. I'm like, whoa there, back it up jack, YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU GUYS BROKE UP. Yeah wtf, right? I was the one emailing her like everyday and talking to her because I thought she was depressed and even suicidal because she was having a rough time making friends (shocker). I freaking told her when I broke up with my boyfriend a month earlier. Did she return the favor? NO. She left that little part out. And now she was yelling at me, ME, because I wasn't there. I'm like how could I, IF YOU NEVER TOLD ME. So to sum it up, we parted ways that day. Mostly I was sick with putting up with her fights she would pick all the time (same reason as her boyfriend too (ex boyfriend)). She is bi-polar so her mood swings would be all the time and she would start fights about the littlest things (Refused to talk to her boyfriend for days because he didn't wait for her at lunch and got in the lunch line, yeah stuff like that). And I didn't want to deal with the stress of her friendship anymore.

Well that broke our group of friends up, though my other friend called, Brittany stayed friends with her. Now it is difficult to be friends with her when she hangs out with C. But I just shrug it off like whatever, I can't do anything about it. Now half the time Brittany is always on C's side. And I'm just tired of it because C would say horrible things about Brittany. C thought she was better than her because her Daddy was rich, was the president of a local professional baseball team, in ground pool, had a vacation house with boats, bought her a brand new car, etc. She would say things when Brittany wasn't around how she was poor, her house looked like shit (wasn't two story and was smaller than hers), and just all around nasty things. One time they got the same research topic (but were in two different class times) and she told us not to say anything about her topic because she didn't want to help Brittany or work with her. So she lied to her and told her she had a different topic. Just stuff like this all the time through high school.

My other friend Emily now, we just fell out of touch, you know how it goes. I haven't seen her in three years but have run into her mom and sister on many different occasions. They are always polite to me and we have a conversation for a few minutes. Now C's family are just downright rude. C's mom was walking past my Mom (unfortunately we live on the same street), C's mom stops and turns her back to my mom, refusing to even look at her. My Mom was very offended because she had absolutely nothing to do with my and C's falling out. C will drive past my house and freaking stare out the window and glare at anyone in my family who is out. She has also blocked me on facebook (like I was going to talk to her, get real. Or want to look at her ugly profile pic, *shudder*). I have always just taken the higher route and just ignored her. Why does she have to act like such a child? We are almost 21. It's like grow the f*ck up, you little bitch.

So this week my Mom was waiting outside with my little brother to be picked up for soccer camp. Well Brittany drives by with C in her car. Now C stares out the window, "glaring", and then as the car is moving pass still continues to crane her neck around and stare down my family through the second and then the back window. It was just the last straw, this is our f*cking house and we have a right to stand outside on our property without some little rich bitch acting like this. If it was me I would just drove pass like a normal person, not even spare them a glance. But no she has to act like this. So I text Brittany and am like, "So who was in your car? Because they... blahblah you get the idea". Now I wasn't outside so I wanted to make sure it was C, my Mom pretty much thought it was her, she did have huge sunglasses on and you know how fast a car goes by. Well Brittany never texts me back, which pretty much confirms it was C. Now I'm kinda angry at Brittany for never texting me back and I text her a few days later. Well she starts ranting at me how she didn't text back she was too busy to deal with my immature text (it was the weekend and she had enough time to go on facebook and put how she was going to see a car show, BORING). Yes me, immature. Even though she was sitting in the car with C and C acted that way to my family. That's ok because thats not immature but me wanting to confirm it was her is very immature. Well she then starts defending C saying that is not what happened and starts saying stuff about me. My Mom would not lie, she avoids conflict whenever possible and takes the high road, that is why I admire her. So then I bring up her not inviting me over during the 4 days my power was out (we had a huge storm here that knocked out 10,000 people's power, tho Brittany's wasn't knocked out). It was burning up and obviously there is no air, I spent 3 days from early morning to midnight out at anywhere I could get wifi or try to charge my phone. Forget about taking a shower and being able to dry your hair. And she had the nerve to say she was too busy and didn't have time for me to even come over for an hour. BULLSHIT. So I tell her about some stuff C said and did during high school. It's about time she learns what C really is. DEMON SPAWN. I did that last night and she never texted back. So I have no idea what will happen.

I have more things to rant but since this is so long I'm gonna stop there. If anyone reads this, wow I love you. :XD: I'm interested to hear other thoughts but if anyone sides with C & Brittany I think you should keep that to yourself, and perhaps check in to a mental hospital. :D
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Zeldaxfan111 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
:glomp: don't worry about it!! Just stay clear of people like her. I had problems too just yesterday.
Mini rant yayyy
So this guy, A, he asked me out right? But i had no idea who he was so I said no, but i felt really bad. And a few days later, he has my phone number. I have no idea how he got it, my friends didn't tell him or anything but still. So he keeps texting me about nonsense. He thinks we have so much in common because he does tae kwon do and I'm korean. I put up with it for 3 years now. But yesterday, I snapped. He asked me if I could draw something for him to win a competition. And i said no, bc i don't like people taking credit of my work. (That's not why i was mad.) He kept asking and asking. He was downright ANNOYING and...ugh I hate him. Then we fought. (I don't remember how but) Then he started to insult me by saying ohhh your eyes, they're so ugly and your whatever. He's also a pervert so he started talking about my butt. (He touched it too but i had stuff in my pockets thank god) And then I couldn't take it anymore. I deleted his number and told him to delete mine and that's where it ended. He's just so UGH.

Sorry i made you read that. (If you took the time to :heart: ) but...i needed someone to talk to. Sorry >_<
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011   Digital Artist
Well I have been but since we live on the same street there are times we run into each other unfortunately. :(

You read my long ass rant so I read your mini one!
Wow that is a long time to put up with A! I was just having a long talk with some people about men/boys and the things they do. Well I'm glad you finally just told him to delete your number and stop texting. That is the best thing do to, just be straight forward, clear, and assertive. You could also block his number if he keeps saying things, because you shouldn't have to put up with that, that's harassment. Men/boys are just nasty sometimes. So many cheaters in the world, and perverts, and them lying ugh. There are some good ones but good luck finding one. But if he does text again do remember to block his number!
How did he get your number...that is creepy, it had to of been from somebody. Hmm, weird. Do you have a facebook? Maybe he got it from there if you have one.
Zeldaxfan111 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011
Aw that sucks </3 I have no idea where he lives so that's good xP

I tried blocking his number but it doesn't work!! I tried to be nice and all but...he just had to push it. When I saw him, he'd always be like Come here and sit on my lap and I'm just like...ugh no thanks. Ugh I know, cowards too. My first boyfriend didn't even ask me out himself. He did it to friends. I went out with him because he was one of my best guy friends and I couldn't say no to him. And this morning...he texted back saying "What's J******'s number?" like he forgot about everything I told him. AND this means he didn't delete my number. I'm just so pissed at him UGH
I do have a facebook but I didn't put my number there. It'll always be a mystery I guess. I asked how he got it too and he never answered back...creep.

You're the best Leah-sama~ although I don't personally know just makes me happy that someone would listen to me :)
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011   Digital Artist
It didn't work? Weird. Maybe try asking one of your friends and see if they can help you figure out what is wrong and block him. You should also just stop responding to him, don't send any texts back. Eventually if you never respond he will get tired and move on. Keep talking with him and it's giving him what he wants. Mostly.
Did you ever sign up for facebook mobile? Because I signed up so I could get text alerts to my phone and when I did that it automatically posted my number to facebook. I figured it out a few days later and got it off of there from my front page.

Aw thanks. It's no problem!! I enjoy listening to people and helping them out if need be. :D :hug:
Zeldaxfan111 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
Yea...I uh...dropped my phone in soup hasn't been the same >_> Mm yea I guess :T Hopefully he'll stop talking to me and we'll be strangers again. Ahhhh I did do that LOL I'll just go and edit it out haha.

Wahhh~ You're so niceee. There's not many people like you in this world, you're the bestiest x3
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011   Digital Artist
Don't wait for him, you stop talking to him. :)

Yeah I recently just got a facebook and I decided I wanted the mobile text alerts so I signed up for it and a few days later I went to my info page and saw that cell number was there!

Haha hardly! :XD: Your one of the few nice people I meet on the internet! :D
Zeldaxfan111 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
I did x3 YAAYY~

I've had it for a while and then I had internet on my phone haha. I signed up and I found out my number was there. Oh facebook...

Aww, am I really? I feel so honored! :heart: You're the first nice person that I've ever met on the internet :) you really are the best haha :D
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011   Digital Artist
I know that crazy facebook. :XD:

Yep!! :D

Thanks!! :glomp: :dance:
Phebus159 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Jeez, that C girl is crazy --'
It's kind of sad when you discover that someone that was your friend is actually like that... Especially when you know her for such long time.
I think you should ignore her, it's best thing that you can do in situations like this.
About Brittany: give her some time. It's hard to "break up" with friends, someday she will see trough C and stop hanging out with her.
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011   Digital Artist
She is beyond crazy. She is bi polar, and I think that help makes her how psycho she is.
Yeah, I mean it sucks that a friend of over 10 years is gone like that, but I could only take so much.
I have been but I want her to ignore me too and stop doing all this immature crap she does, you know? It's like move on, it was 3 years ago, who cares anymore!?!
Yeah well Brittany finally texted me back today and it was more of the same. Saying I was immature for starting drama. I was like I'm pointing out what she does and she is starting it by doing that stuff! But basically I'm like if your not going to acknowledge it then there really isn't anymore to discuss. Because it's going no where.
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