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June 4, 2009


  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Don't Trust Me
  • Reading: Shojo Beat
  • Watching: X Men Origins: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman!!!)
  • Playing: Okami
  • Eating: Fortune Cookies
  • Drinking: Strawberry Colada from Taco Bell
Yesterday was my last day of high school! All the seniors are suppose to dress up, girls in white dresses and boys in black. So I got all dressed up and took a lot of pictures! lol. :XD: And today was graduation practice, we have over 600 seniors in my class, so there is a lot of people to get through. D: And the graduation ceremony is this saturday! So on saturday I'll be oficially graduated from high school!!! :dance: :boogie: I've waited so long for this day! :XD:

And now I can finally start drawing again, expect more stuff and some doujin pages! I do have to get a job this summer, but I'll have more time to draw again! It's just been crazy last month and this week. I have stuff to do everyday. :P But hang on a little while longer! :D

It feels like it's been a long time since I've talked to you guys, so how is everyone doing? Is anyone else graduating this year? Did anyone go to prom, how was that? And going on any vacations this summer? Read any good manga?

Oh, I saw X Men Origins: Wolverine, I thought it was good and Hugh Jackman is soo hot! I :heart: him. :aww: And next week I'm going to see Dance Flick, it looks funny. Has anyone seen any good movies lately? I saw the trailer for New Moon, what did you guys think of it?
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FireLordZuk0 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009
i still have to wait till monday to graduate, but good for you!!
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009   Digital Artist
Thanks! :D And good luck with your graduation and congratz!! :dance: :w00t!:
FireLordZuk0 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
thank yoo!!!!
Pink-Starz Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
At what age do you graduate in america? I'm from England and we recently had our "Record Of Achievement" Evening which I suppose you could call Graduation. Any way we get that at 16. I dunno really know how american schools work and I dont understand all that sophomore and senior school stuff. :blushes: Care to explain? :confused:
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009   Digital Artist
At 18 you graduate high school in America.
High School Grades in America:
9th grade = freshmen
10th grade = sophomore
11th grade = juniors
12th grade = seniors

I'm a senior so I graduate this year and then I will start college in the fall. :D

I hoped I explained what you wanted to know about America's schools. But it's so cool you live in England! I've always wanted ot go there. And british accents are so cute! :aww:
Pink-Starz Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
So High School is basically Secondry school in England right?
So how old is a student in each grade? Sorry I'm bothering you but I'm reading an american book at the moment and I dont know what age Im supposed to imagine the characters when it says 8th grade and 9th grade etc. In England its simple:
Year 7 = 11-12 y/o
Year 8 = 12-13 y/o
Year 9 = 13-14 y/o
Year 10 = 14-15 y/o
Year 11 = 15-16 y/o
And after that off to collage in the fall after "ROA" (Record of Acheviement ) so we go to collage younger than americans! :D Well you learn something everyday:XD:

PS. I've always thought the American accent was pretty neat.^^;
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009   Digital Artist
Don't worry your not bothering me at all. I'm really bored right now, so it's cool. lol. :XD: And I've read books that take place in England and I get confused about the school years too, like I didn't understand what sixth form is or how old anyone is. lol. :XD:

Here are all the years:

Pre-school (You do not have to put your kid in pre-school but most parents do)

Elementary school
Kindergarden 4-5 y/o
1st grade 5-6 y/o
2nd grade 6-7 y/o
3rd grade 7-8 y/o
4th grade 8-9 y/o
5th grade 9-10 y/o

Middle School (Junior High)
6th grade 10-11 y/o
7th grade 11-12 y/o
8th grade 13-14 y/o

High School
9th grade 14-15 y/o
10th grade 15-16 y/o
11th grade 16-17 y/o
12th grade 17-18 y/o

Then on to college! :D

I didn't know you guys graduated that young either! I guess you do learn something new everyday. :lol:
Oh really? That's cool! lol. :XD:
kibahyuuga4 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
i am so happy for you all the 8th graders are gone but a few will miss each other cool that you are taking a lot of pics
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009   Digital Artist
Thanks! :D Yeah I remember how it was last year when all the seniors left. But yeah I have a lot of pics. :XD:
melludee Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
YAY congratulations on graduating (for this sat!) haha. I'm graduating this year too :) At the end of the year though (November) ! I can't WAIT for highschool to be OVERR! I can't even draw cos I'm in the middle of midyears atm D: Haha. And my year 12 formal (prom equivalent) is next week! YAY I'm totally excited! (:


i really should start thinking about how I want to dress up for my last day of school :)
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