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  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: Love Song By Sara Bareilles
  • Reading: Bleach Manga 313 + Naruto Manga 392
  • Watching: Deathnote + Shippuuden 49 + Bleach
  • Playing: In the snow xD
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate
Wow, I'm almost to 20k and that's pretty big to me, lol. :XD: So whoever catches my 20k wins a picture from me! You can have anything you want, tell me to draw whatever (that's reasonable, you know what I mean). So you can request a picture of certain characters or if you have a comic idea you want me to make. But don't cheat on this, cause I have ways of finding out if it's fake. ;D And if no one catches it well, I'll have to do something else special for it, but we'll see. :D

OMG we just got a major blizzard here all the sudden. It's been snowing for like two straight days now. But what sucks is I wanna go out and buy some manga that came out on the 4th (The Gentlemen's Alliance Vol. 5, Wild Ones Vol. 2, & SA Vol. 3) but we have a lot of snow and like everything is closed almost. I'm like 5'9" and the snow comes up to my knees, so it's really deep and no one had plowed our road, so I'm stuck inside with no manga or food basically!!! >.<

But guess what, the next Fruits Basket volume comes out March 17!!!! That's really soon! I'm excited! :D

Oh, and I'm all the way caught up in Bleach to what's being released in Japan (yeah, thats what's no school + nothing on TV + too much snow = does to a person).

The last Naruto chapter sorta confused me...the text was small and I didn't want to read it but is Orochimaru alive? idk...what's happening basically. :XD: I just want Sasuke to die (which isn't going to happen of course). I don't know if I'll be able to handle it when Itachi's death comes. :tears:

OH yeah (here is something totally random), I dyed my back in January a darker brown cause my blonde was coming through underneath...well same thing is happening, It has tons of blonde streaks in it...and it's only been like 2 months (I paid like $100 for that dying session at that rip off salon too). D: I'm thinking about dying my hair back to blonde now sometime in the spring/summer...

100 Theme Challenge

1. Introduction…
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark…
5. Seeking Solace…
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive…
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune…
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning…
17. Blood…
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature…
23. Cat
24. No Time
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain…
31. Flowers…
32. Night…
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork…
42. Standing Still
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation…
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules…
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale…
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror…
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't
74. Are You Challenging Me?…
75. Mirror…
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?…
83. Heal…
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red…
87. Food…
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up…
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement…
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation:…</sub>
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feretgirl1 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
yay? I'm probably not going to get it... whateves, Can't wait for the rest of the comic
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008   Digital Artist
lol, no one may get it. :XD:
feretgirl1 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008
depends on if they anounce that they got it.
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008   Digital Artist
bikoliko Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
yeah i found latest naruto chap stange too

let me explain
orochi dead
orochi live for 20 seconds
orochi dead
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008   Digital Artist
lol, that sums it up, I guess. :XD: But what was the point? idk, it was just weird and random. >.<
bikoliko Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
when i saw first page i was like
8D hey its tobi!!!!! 8D (big tobi fan, no not fan in rape thoughts but just fan)
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008   Digital Artist
"big tobi fan, no not fan in rape thoughts but just fan"

LOL! :XD: So your not a rabid fangirl. lol. Good to know. ;D
bikoliko Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008
how can i be a rabit fangirl im not even female
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008   Digital Artist
Well, that too. >.<"
bikoliko Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2008
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