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August 4, 2008


  • Mood: Dumbfounded
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  • Reading: Breaking Dawn
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***Warning: Spoilers from Breaking Dawn below. :reading:***

Wow...I mean what can I say? I finished the book a day ago, but I've been in to much of a shock to write. I keep hoping this is one of my weird dreams and I will wake up with the real Breaking Dawn to read. Unfortunately, this isn't happening...I've been a loyal reader of the Twilight Saga, but this last book really, really killed me.

1, The whole pregnancy, I couldn't believe she was pregnant because that's immpossible!! It never crossed my mind, if vampire women can't have children then why can vampire men have living sperm? Hmmm? If the women are frozen in time, then so are the men. Huge plot hole for me right there. I mean a really big plot hole. (Also calling her baby "nudger" while it was inside her, I hate hate hate that word, it's just ugly looking and sounding.)

2, Bella is just 18, she's immature, clusmy (how can she have a baby? She would trip and drop it on it's head, I guess it's a good thing it's half vampire), and she doesn't even like children. But wait, that all changes when she gets pregnant...yeah it doesn't work that way. (Also even I figured out the baby wanted blood before Carlisle did, I mean hello, he's a vampire doctor and really smart, he couldn't put two and two together that he needed Jacob the idiot to think of it?!?!).

3, Rosalie was gaining respect from me in the third book, I thought we were going to see a new side of her. Well she totally screwed over that possibility with her lack of disregard for Bella's life, all because she wants a baby!

4, Edward lending Bella out to Jacob just so she can have kids?!? Whoa now, this isn't a pimp or prostitute ring here. Then totally changing his mind about hating the baby after he learns it "loves her". Your kidding right? I also felt there was no relationship between Edward and his daugther. I think I saw him holding once in the entire book?

5, Jacob imprinting on the baby!?!? It was creepy with Quil and that baby, now we have another pedophile here? I wonder how the baby will react when she finds out about how Jacob lusted after her Mom, KISSED her Mom, and thought about doing other itimate things with her Mom. If I found out that's how my bf felt about my Mom, I would be beyond disturbed. And it's like the baby is just the next best thing next to Bella, so he better replace her with it. Also why develop the Leah/Jacob relationship when all he does is turn around and imprint? I always thought they would get together, especially when they had their heart to heart talk. I pretty much wasted my time reading that.

6, The baby's name. OMFG, it has to be the gayest name ever possible...Renesmee. Wow, just wow...and the nickname is not any better really.

7, Bella just totally skipping the newborn stage because she can keep her emotions under control, yeah right. Ex. During the honeymoon she wakes up sobbing because in her DREAM they stop having sex.

8, She still gets to have her parents in her life? (Well Charlie). How's that fair? does she give up anything? (Pretty much no...). I thought one point of the series was to show sacrifices, you have to give something up, to get something else, because not everything is going to go perfect.

9, The J. Jenks storyline was pointless. Totally and absolutely pointless. Just wasting my time there...

10, The battle! Well the "suppose to be" battle. I was waiting for the Volturi showdown forever, I wanted to see all the fighting with the new vamps, but there was no fighting. At all, hardly. (I don't count Alec and Jane's vain attempts.) Because Bella becomes the Sasuke of Breaking Dawn and is unstoppable and no one can get past her shield. (She is also Sasuke-ish because everyone acts like she is the most amazing vampire ever in history, and she can control her power so well just after 1 month?!?)... And then the Volturi just leave...leave!! Their the great and powerful Volturi of the vamp world and they leave cause their to scared to fight? Very plausible.

11, Edward calling Jacob his SON. This relationship took turn a total 180. It was just to weird, I mean their friends's just I said.

12, There was like no Alice in the book! She was my next fav vamp after Edward, and now that I mentioned it, I felt like Edward didn't really play a huge part. This is why I loved Twilight some much was because of Edward, and him and Bella fighting the odds to be together, but this book was just totally different. They really didn't have much of a relationship that we saw, because they just have sex all the time at night, and we never got to see those parts cause it just skipped right over it. We saw SOME kisses and him calling her "love" that was about it. So where was my romance? Oh wait there was none it was all "WTF moments" that weren't possible and the characters just seemed OOC to me at times...

There were some funny parts, very, very limited funny parts that won't help pull this book back up from the gay plot holes and WTF moments it sunk into, but some were: the Jacob/Rosalie interactions, the arm wrestling match & Emment's innuendos. Yeah not very many...and I guess letting Edward read her  mind at the end.

I don't want to hate the book, but I'm just severely disappointed, I waited a year for this! And it was just totally different than what I expected, and things that aren't possbile happened and my head is spinning. I'm just gonna pretend that this was one big sick joke and Eclispe was the end of the series. I'll try to accept book, but that will probably never happen. I think Stephenie Meyer was kidnapped or something and some Twilight hater wrote this..."Breaking Dawn".
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sarahsweetie Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008
i think thaat stephenie meyer wrote it as a sick joke. maybe there will be a better book after breaking dawn. I mean she might write as sorry thing.
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008   Digital Artist
That or she was high on crack or something. I think she needs to get it recalled rewrite it and then release a better version that doesn't suck. DD:
sarahsweetie Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008
i can see your p.o.v. but i think it was to get a rise out of her readers. BUt either way it was sick.
Sar-San Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008
i just finished it before i got onto DA
i was dissapointed!!!!
it was sooo dissapointing.
i waited forever for this, and it lead me to this...
i believe some twilight hater wrote this.
i wanted to see the volturi showdown forever!!!!!
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008   Digital Artist
I know, it is. :no: :dohtwo:
Yep, I waited a year for this!! Some Twilight hater or SM was wayyy high on crack.
Same here. I wanted some Volturi butt kicking!!
BellaRaven-L Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008
I agree with all of it *shakes head* I was so dissapointed...all this hype for nothing. What was her editor thinking, letting her publish this?! I think I'm like, gonna go join a Jacob fanclub or something, his part was the only interesting part in the whole book! Even though I wasnt fond of him, at least he kept you entertained. :puke: jeez, I cant beleive all the hype over the Volturi "fight" and then nothing happens. I just....cant finish sentences because I'm still in shock.

I did, however, LOVE the Romanians...xD the brought needed black humor to the story! <3
Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008   Digital Artist
Yeah, definately a lot of hype, but why wouldn't there be considering how good Twilight was? This was just a horrible, horrible let down. >.< I have no idea I think they are both snorting crack or something. Yeah the romanians were entertaining at times.
BellaRaven-L Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008
:slamhead: its all too true.
XxMiyakaxX Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008
Wow. O_O I haven't read any of the books, but my mom's friend was gonna let me borrow them, but I'm afraid of wanting to read them now. O_O

Leah-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008   Digital Artist
Read Twilight it's amazing the others can't quite compare, and the 4th just really sucked. DDD: But Twilight really is amazing...
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