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GaaSaku Doujin pg.38 by Leah-Sama GaaSaku Doujin pg.38 by Leah-Sama
Putting it up early cause my Step Dad's daughters are coming down, (which means I'll have no time to do it tomorrow). =.= On my birthday! Which all the atention will be on them...*continues on grumbling*

I've been having an art block if something isn't right I blame it on that...all my creativity has been zapped from me...and what super little talent I have...

It's my birthday! Cause technically it is's past midnght, so yeah! I'm 17...god I'm getting old! Next year I'll be able to vote, go to rated R movies, order from info commercials, etc... :XD:

Um, anyway...yeah this page was sorta...ok I ran out of funny ideas to put on this one! I tried to think of funny stuff, but the last page was better. :no: :dohtwo:

Temari > Ino

Where should they go next? And who should they meet?
Any ideas...?

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Yet again, poor Kankuro

Inner Me: GO NEJI-KUN!!
poor kankuro getting beat up by neji... and gaara just laughs.
go gaara!
LMFAO "help kankuro now thats a good one!" I started dying
omg almost went my pants when i saw the whole neji rotation thing, very funny!!
Leah-Sama Mar 5, 2010   Digital Artist
Thanks. :D
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teeeheee sakura made a funny hahaha
Gaara laughed?!?! OMG!!! THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING!!
LOL *gasp* the world will end as we know it!!! Gaara laughed!! OMG!!
Kagura-Furuba-Fan Apr 15, 2008   Traditional Artist
OMG! Gaara laughed!!! :giggle:
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